The Chillswim Triple Crown 2022

As we approach the final Chillswim event of the year, it’s time to announce our potential Chillswim Triple Crown Winners for 2022. Each of the people listed below have completed Coniston End to End 2022 and Ullswater End to End 2022, but they still have to successfully negotiate Windermere End to End 2022 in just over 2 weeks time, to claim their special award.

Good luck to everyone, we’ll see you at the finish line. If you’re looking for an incredible challenge in 2023, then the Triple Crown awaits you.

Alastair Hughes
Alec Mousley
Alison Harker
Amy Favieres
Amy Sorrell
Andrew Humpage
Anne Wilkinson
Anthony Darbyshire
Ben Mousley
Caroline Belfield
Catherine Markwell
Christopher White
Dan Hippey
Danielle Neal
Debbie Harrison
Emma David
Emma Russell
Fiona Downie
Georgina Dunn
Greg Walsh
Helen Timmins
Ian Wright
Iain Anderson
Jill Underwood
Joanne Lee
Jonathan Love
Judith Kirk
Julie Williamson
Justine O’Neill
Kristina Peat
Mark Fenner
Matt Field
Michaela Hippey
Michelle Laverick
Michelle Tenwick
Millie Bell
Nick Overton
Paul Toplass
Paula Knowles
Peter Mccann
Peter McHenry
Peter Russell
Peter Townsend
Rebecca Fern
Rob Houghton
Ross Harding
Ruth Rhodes
Sally Hatton
Siobhan Brewer
Stephen Bottomley
Stephen Foster
Vince Middleton
William Schaffer