Chillswim Events

  • Sat 22nd June 2024: Chillswim Coniston 5.25 Miles End to End One of the classic open water swim events in the UK, swim the full 5.25 miles length of Coniston from the southern end to finish at Monk Coniston, wetsuits are optional. This is a real bucket list event for any open water swimmer and guaranteed to be an incredible weekend
  • Sat 13th July 2024: Chillswim Ullswater 7.5 Miles End to End is an incredible challenge for any open water swimmer. Start at Jenkins Field in Glenridding and swim the full 7.5 miles length of Ullswater to Pooley Bridge, wetsuits are optional. Ullswater is perhaps the most scenic of all the lakes and the views will not disappoint on this EPIC journey.
  • Sat 31st August 2024: Chillswim Windermere 11 Miles End to End  your chance to swim the Longest Lake in the country with the legendary Chillswim team! It’s the longest swim in England and a unique chance to swim the full 11 mile length with all of your swimming friends (with or without wetsuits) whilst knowing you are safe in the hands of the highly experienced management team at Chillswim.