Guided Windermere Swim

10.5 miles one way / 21 miles two way

Chillswim have guided over 250 swimmers to successful one-way and two-way length of Lake Windermere swims.  This is one of the blue riband challenges for an open water swimmer and a successful completion is something to cherish.

Chillswim only uses local pilots, who know the lakes with intricate detail, this is particularly useful on early misty mornings or days with poor visibility. We operate 1:1 guided swims and we also accommodate pairs and threesomes. Wetsuits are optional for the swim.

To book your Chillswim Windermere Guided Swim for 2020 CLICK HERE

What else do you need to know? 

Once you register for the swim, we will send you a full briefing document about the challenge. Your pilot will call you a few days in advance to talk about the weather and meeting times etc.

Prices for private swims with us are:

  • Solo Windermere Swim (one person, one way) £590
  • Solo Windermere Swim (one person, two way) £800
  • Two people Windermere Swim (one way, swimming together or relay) £700
  • Two people Windermere Swim (two way, swimming together or relay) £900
  • Three people Windermere Swim (one way, swimming together or relay) £800
  • Three people Windermere Swim (two way, swimming together or relay) £1000

Support person:

Each swimmer needs a support person on the boat – you can have up to 3 people supporting you on solo swims. If you need a support person provided, we can arrange someone for £85 one-way and £170 two way (just let us know well in advance to arrange).

The Chillswim Guided Swim Service includes:

  • Chillswim’s rib boat
  • RYA powerboat level 2 pilot with 10+ years experience of guiding swimmers on Windermere
  • Chillswim Windermere trophy
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Results displayed on Chillswim website
  • Personalised certificate

Swim dates and times:

Dates for 2020 are now live and can be found HERE

We operate guided swims between June and September when the water temperature is typically between 13 and 20 degrees. The warmest water in the last 2 years has been July, but this by no means is guaranteed! Our swims start at 6 or 7am when the lake is at its quietest enabling the swimmer to make good progress before the commercial ferries begin operating and other motorised vessels operate. We tend to have most of our guided swims on week days to avoid sailing galas, motorboat events, and the general high boat traffic that a tourist destination such as Lake District attracts.

Medical certificate:

Open water is a strenuous exercise. To avoid any doubt in your health and fitness, you should undertake a medical check-up including an ECG test before starting training for this event. The medical must be signed by your GP, state reference to your intended swim, and be uploaded onto the entry system no later than 4 weeks before your swim.
Please do not post hard copies to us. If you have been ill or have experienced a change in your wellbeing or physical state such as pregnancy since your medical, please consult a doctor.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit within which to complete your swim. Typically swimmers complete the length between 3 hours 46 mins (Dion Harrison 2014), and 8 hours for a one way. However, for safety reasons of the pilot and swimmer, if the swimmer is expected to take greater than 14 hours on a two way swim, an additional boat pilot will be required. The fee for greater than 14 hours is an additional £300, payable 4 weeks prior to swim along with the balance payment. Please contact us if you think you may fall into this category.

Assessment Swims for English Channel Swimming qualifying swims:

There are strict criteria for your 6 hour (solo) qualifying swim or 2 hour (relay) swims by the Channel Swimming & Pilot Federation (CS&PF) and Channel Swimming Association (CSA). Please check requirements with your channel swimming provider and we will ensure your swim is run under Channel Swimming Rules.

To book your Chillswim Windermere Guided Swim for 2020 CLICK HERE