Chillswim Windermere 2022 Statement

The Chillswim team are incredibly disappointed that we were not able to deliver the Windermere End to End event today. We feel extremely sorry for all of our swimmers who had prepared for the event and were not able to complete the challenge.

The weather forecast on Wednesday and Thursday showed Easterly wind speeds up to 20mph, which would have significantly impacted the safety of the swim, specifically the North end of the lake and the final 3 miles.

There was an improvement in the forecast on Friday morning (wind speeds dropping to 16-18mph) and we made the decision to go ahead, but throughout Friday evening and into Saturday morning, those predicted wind speeds changed once again, predicting up to 24mph for Saturday afternoon.

The independent water safety team provided by Swim Safety Ltd informed us that they were unable to guarantee the safety and welfare of all swimmers and crew for a swim of this length and were not willing to support a full End to End attempt. Based on this decision, we were unable to go ahead and swim the full length of the lake.

The high wind speeds were predominantly forecast from 1pm onwards and subsequently, they did not occur. The weather simply did not reflect the forecast. The 200 strong team based on land and water who had assembled to deliver the event, are all feeling extremely disappointed and hugely frustrated by the circumstances we have encountered today. The Swim Safety Team were rightly acting on the information they had at 5am this morning and in the days leading up to the event but hindsight, is in this case, is a very frustrating thing.

We know that many swimmers will be disappointed, but please know that we are equally disappointed that we were not able to bring you the Windermere End to End 2022. The decision made by the Swim Safety Team was made in the swimmers best interests, with the information available at that time. Had we continued to hold the swim and then faced evacuations from the water, we would be dealing with criticism for far more serious reasons.

We will be in touch with all those who were due to swim today with instructions explaining how to re-register for the 2023 event. Our priority is to accommodate the 2022 competitors for next year’s event and as such, there will only be an additional 200 places for the 2023 Windermere End to End which are available by CLICKING HERE

We appreciate your support and understanding

Chillswim Team

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