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About Chillswim

About Chillswim

Based in the Lake District, UK, Chillswim is involved with open water swimming worldwide. The company's passion is purely open water swimming: outdoor swimming, wild swimming, open water swim races (we don't organise running events or triathlons) and supporting the growth of long distance swimming. Chillswim also imports and distributes swimming products, including tow-floats and dry bags  - which can be purchased from our online shop as well as from outlets around the UK. We also offer guided long distance solo swims in the Lake District, which we think is the best place in the world for open water swimming. If you are keen to tackle a private swim at some stage join our mailing list below:


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Colin Hill:

Colin Hill, the Director of Chillswim, is an experienced and visionary open water swimming race organiser. His experience includes being the founder and project manager of the Great Swim series at Nova International (2008 - 2011), being Technical Operations Manager for the Olympic Games Marathon Swimming, London 2012; and in 2013, consulting for both FINA and British Swimming on open water swimming events and concepts as well as building up Chillswim. In 2012 Colin was voted Open Water Ambassador of the Year by H2Open Magazine and has guided over 50 swimmers on Windermere one and two way swims to date.

As well as working in open water events Colin 'swims the swim' as is an enthusiastic participant. He is a successful English Channel Soloist - 10hrs 30 mins, completed a two way Windermere Solo and has taken part in many open water races and crossings around the world, including a recent 25km Madeira Swim Race. Colin has been World and UK Age Group Champion for 450m Cold Water Swimming, UK Age Group Champion, and as well as swimming throughout the winter in the UK's Lake District mountain tarns and lakes.  He has taken part in Winter Swimming events in Latvia, Finland and Siberia. In February 2013, just one week after the Big Chill Swim (which he was organising, not swimming in), Colin became the first UK male to complete the Ice Mile.

Steph Cox:

Steph Cox is an enthusiastic year round open water swimmer with extensive experience in managing sports events. Steph previously worked as Cycling Services manager at London 2012 as well as in a management capacity at various events internationally including Ironman China, the Ford Ironman World Championships, Laguna Phuket International Marathon, and the professional cycle race, the Tour of Britain. Prior to this she set up, ran, wrote, and published a running and multi-sport magazine in Asia for a couple of years, amongst various other things! Steph is not a champion open water or cold water swimmer, she just enjoys it, is very enthusiastic about swimming outside. In 2012 she came fourth from last in the International Winter Swimming World Championships in Latvia (head up breaststroke is her stroke of choice!). Steph prefers fetching objects with our daughter Coraline if in a pool rather than swimming lengths, so doesn't have much hope of improving.

Steph Hot Tub 

Chillswim TV Credits:

  • Extreme sports Red Bull – Colin takes part in Alpine high altitude cold water swimming physiology testing for German TV (2013)
  • River Cottage: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall follows Colin as he trains for a 10k event, closely watching his diet (2011)
  • Blue Peter: Presenter Radzi is filmed being trained from both novice swimmer and open water swimmer to completing a mile swim in 5 degrees for Sports Relief (2014)
  • Guardian online: Wild Swimming in Rydal Water with Kate Rew (2008)
  • Big Chill Swim filmed for Guardian Website, Telegraph website, North Regional News BBC & ITV (2013 & 2014)

Other TV:  SAS: Are you Tough Enough (First series).

Chillswim Talks:  
  • H2Open weekend (Marathon Swimming)
  • Kendal Mountain Festival – Adventure Evening (Ice Swimming and beyond)
  • Wilf’s Café Adventure talk nights (Open Water Swimming)
  • RAC Club London (Olympics and Long distance swimming)
  • H2Open Day (Olympic Preview)
  • FINA World Swimming Conference, Doha
  • FINA World Swimming Championships, KAZAN

Find out more about Chillswim in the clips below:

Chillswim Coniston 2015


Big Chill Swim 2015


 Chillswim Coniston 2014


Big Chill Swim 2014

Chillswim trains Radzi for his Blue Peter Sport Relief Challenge 2014


Chillswim Coniston 2013

Big Chill Swim 2013


Colin Hill, Extreme Cold Water Swimming



Colin Hill, Swimming the Channel, 2009


Colin Hill, Manager of the London 2012 Marathon Swimming, being interviewed at the Olympic Test Event